• Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Denied Forever

    Face treatment which is not under the knife can not be said as plastic surgery. If you see what happened to Dana Delany, you could make a difference between the truth behind it and the rumor behind it. Dana Delany

  • Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Was Very Natural and Smooth

    Billy crystal is a renowned American comedian who has attained a considerable amount of success in his career. He has been nominated nine times as the host of the academy awards, a role that surely does not come easy. While

  • Kelly Rowland Nose Job Good Point

    Having good eyes, lips, and nose might be everyone wish. No matter how old are you, being perfect is human normally feeling. Same feeling also came into Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland nose job rumor has spread out to complete his

  • David Cassidy Plastic Surgery was Good Chance to be Different

    Very bad thing to know that men act as women in term of their beautician. What do you think about men who really care with his face? David Cassidy might be one of them. He already known as someone who

  • Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery : What Do You Think About Her?

    Once more, artist with plastic surgery rumor. Some rumors and sources believe that Bernadette Peters conducted some plastic surgery procedures. Some rumors believe that she had facelift, botox, and another speculation eyelid surgery.as well. To make it sure you can

  • Julie Benz Plastic Surgery : Good Bye Wrinkles!

    Getting older, so getting wrinkles. That’s faith. You have to accept it whether you don’t like it. Some artists do not realize that they are getting older day by day. Julia Benz just one from them. Julia Benz plastic surgery

  • Christina Aguilera Boob Job as Her New Satisfaction of Her Body

    She already born beautiful and has a very beautiful voice. When you see her, you will know how God gives her a good talent that can not be change into anything else. However, she never get satisfied with it. She

  • Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Envious Result and Body Shape

    Famous or not, being beautiful is every woman want and wish. It also happened to someone who usually got in the back, not fully in front of camera. Let me introduced her. Her name is Jenna Dewan. Do you familiar

  • Marylin Monroe Nose Job Update

    Is there nothing natural way anymore in this world especially on celebrity circumstance? Already beautiful, Marylin Monroe still want more. She famous with her issue of ‘Marylin Monroe nose job‘. Do you think she really did it? Might be after

  • Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Result of Satisfaction

    Although a lot of people said and complain about what happened in Sarah Chalke, we see it as something satisfaction. Sarah Chalke plastic surgery rumor is not a big deal. She still look beautiful and energic in her age. It

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